African Mahogany



African Mahogany as the name suggests is harvested out of Africa. The lumber varies in color from a light pink to reddish-brown to a tannish-brown color. African Mahogany is virtually clear, so the waste factor when using this wood is rather small. African Mahogany tends to have a fairly coarse grain due to the large size of its pores. African Mahogany machines well, with good sharp tooling and sands to a very smooth finish. African Mahogany is also available in a ribbon stripe grain. When the lumber is ribbon striped it is a bit harder to work with due to the grain reversal. African Mahogany seems to be increasing in use as we see a movement to the darker, richer colored woods. African Mahogany is used in many architectural millwork jobs, upper-end cabinetry, and high-end millwork in residences. This is a custom wood that MAR-K keeps in stock and the turnaround time is about a week.