Pennsylvania Cherry is the finest Cherry available in the world due to the unique growing environment. The Cherry from the Pennsylvania region has a pink to light pink heartwood with very little if any gum pockets. The sapwood is a white color, somewhat distinct from the heartwood. In the grading of Cherry lumber there are no requirements as to the percentage of heartwood and sapwood. Cherry has become extremely popular over the past couple years and has shown a marked increase in cost. Along with the increase in demand for fine cherry lumber we have seen a steady erosion in the quality of lumber available. This has been caused by the use of the high quality logs for veneering leaving a lesser quality log available for sawing into lumber. Another factor in the increase in cost and decrease in quality has been the restrictions placed on logging in the Allegheny National Forest. Cherry is recognized as one of the finest working hardwoods available. Cherry is used in fine architectural millwork, upper-end kitchen cabinetry, and fine quality furniture. The Pennsylvania Cherry does the best job of matching Cherry plywood in color. This is a custom wood that MAR-K keeps in stock and the turnaround time is about a week.