Hard Maple



Northern Hard Maple is harvested from throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. The hard maple used by MAR-K is harvested from the Northern Midwest and Canada.  Over the past several years the popularity of selected white Hard Maple has soared. The stock cut in the winter months from Canada and the Northern Midwest has consistently had the best bright white color. The stock from the Mid-Eastern States seems to have more of a manila color, as does the stock cut in the north during the warm weather. Hard Maple has white to light cream sapwood with a light pink to light reddish-brown heartwood. The lumber is very heavy and hard with a good uniform texture. Hard Maple finishes well and is excellent for painting. Hard Maple is used in the manufacture of many products, including gym floors, pin planks on pianos, bowling pins, bowling alley lanes, school furniture, kitchen cabinetry, high-end architectural millwork, paint grade cabinets, and paint grade mouldings.