Honduras Mahogany



The Honduras Mahogany used by MAR-K is primarily harvested from Brazil. The Honduras Mahogany may also be known as Tropical American Mahogany. Honduras Mahogany contains excellent widths and lengths. The lumber stocked by Schaller Hardwood is virtually clear, very few defects. The grain pattern differs widely in Honduras Mahogany. The Pattern Grade stock is selected for a good fine textured straight grain for use in the pattern making industry. The color varies from a light reddish to yellowish-brown to a rich dark red color. Honduras Mahogany works very well with both power and hand tools. The lumber is very durable and decay resistant. Honduras Mahogany is also a very stable wood. Honduras Mahogany takes a stain and finish very well. The lumber is used in high-end architectural millwork, upper-end kitchen cabinetry, high-end furniture, pattern making, and exterior uses, such as decks.