Walnut is found throughout the United States, but its commercial harvesting range is confined to the Midwestern States. The Walnut used by MAR-K is primarily harvested from Missouri, Iowa, and Indiana. Walnut has been viewed as the ultimate hardwood in the past. Anything made of Walnut has the connotation of being of the highest quality. The sapwood in Walnut is a white to very light gray color, while the heartwood varies from a light brown to almost black color. The Walnut stocked by MAR-K is steamed immediately after being cut. The steaming process is used in Walnut production to darken the sapwood and lessen the distinction between the heartwood and sapwood. Walnut is graded under a special set of rules developed by the National Hardwood Lumber Association. These rules take into consideration the uniqueness and availability of the resource. Walnut is used in the manufacture of architectural millwork, fine furniture, upper end cabinetry, and gunstocks. This is a custom wood that MAR-K keeps in stock and the turnaround time is about a week.