White Oak



The Appalachian White Oak used by MAR-K is primarily harvested from Eastern Kentucky. We have found this White Oak to have the best combination of color and length. White Oak has a white to light tan sapwood with a tan to brown colored heartwood. One of the interesting features of White Oak is that its pores contain a substance called tyloses, which prevents water from seeping through the wood. In a straight or rift grain piece of Red Oak you can actually suck water through the pores, whereas a straight or rift grain piece of White Oak will not allow water to pass through. Another factor, which differentiates White Oak from Red Oak is the high amount of tannic acid contained in White Oak. The tannic acid in White Oak protects the wood from fungi and insects. White Oak is used in the manufacture of wine and whiskey barrels, kitchen cabinetry, fine furniture, and architectural millwork. White Oak offers a distinct advantage over Red Oak by not containing the pink tones when a white wash finish is being applied. White Oak machines well and finishes well. This is a custom wood that MAR-K keeps in stock and the turnaround time is about a week.