White Pine



The Northern White Pine used by MAR-K is harvested from the Northern Midwest, the Northeast, and Canada. Northern White Pine has a white to cream to yellowish white color. The grain is not very prominent. The Moulding Grade Northern White Pine comes out of one mill in Canada. The lumber while not clear, does offer some very nice clear cuttings. The Furniture Grade Northern White Pine is lumber selected for its abundance of tight red knots. This lumber is graded much like a #1 Common Hardwood with the tight red knots not counting as a defect. The tight red knots are to be utilized in the finished product. All grades of Northern White Pine carried by Schaller Hardwood are dried to the moisture content of 8%-10% for use in fine cabinetry and millwork. The Furniture Grade Northern White Pine is most often used in the manufacture of knotty pine cabinetry and furniture. This lumber is used to achieve a rustic appearance or the early American look.