Yellow Cypress


Although Cypress is a softwood (conifer), it has traditionally been grouped with the hardwoods. Cypress is graded by the rules of the National Hardwood Lumber Association. The reasoning behind this seems to be the fact that Cypress tends to grow in areas along with hardwoods and is harvested at the same time. The Cypress used by MAR-K, is primarily harvested from the swampy areas of Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, and Southeast Missouri. The popularity of Cypress is based on its natural decay resistance. Cypress can be used for many of the same products as Western Red Cedar and Redwood. Cypress is often used in doors, sash, and other millwork. Cypress can be easily painted and has excellent paint retention. The lumber has a distinct pronounced grain pattern, with a yellowish-red color. Pecky

Cypress is Cypress that has been attacked by a fungus resulting in the pecks or pockets in the lumber. Pecky Cypress is often used where a rustic or textured look is desired.