Chevy/GMC | Hot New Designer Bump Aluminum Bed Strips 1973 – 1987 Stepside



Hot New Designer Aluminum Bed Strips developed by MAR-K engineers to give your bed a unique custom look.

Available in Aluminum Bump design:

Bump – Slightly raised and rounded down the strip.

Made of Triple Polished and Clear Anodized Aluminum, which NEVER rusts.

Great when used with Exotic Bed Wood for a COMPLETELY CUSTOM BED FLOOR.


These strips use a completely hidden fastening system developed by MAR-K. Special bolts slide into the groove on the underside of the strip to adjust to any bolt location. These strips are buffed bright before anodizing and are precut to correct length for your truck. Bed strips include the correct number of (1 ¼”) hidden fasteners for your truck. You may wish to purchase a bolt kit for bed-to-frame and side mounting. This truck requires 6 bed strips. Made in the USA. PLEASE NOTE: These strips include 1-1/4″ fasteners. If you need 2″ fasteners, please contact our office at 660-827-1288.