Dodge | Bed Strips with Hidden Fasteners 1961 – 1985 Stepside



These strips use a completely hidden fastening system developed by MAR-K. Special bolts slide into the groove on the underside of the strip to adjust to any bolt location. Polished bed strips are very shiny, giving them a “chrome” look. These are also available in Unpolished Stainless and Plain steel. These strips are precut to correct length for your truck. Bed strips include the correct number of (1 ¼”) hidden fasteners for your truck. Customer may need to purchase a bolt kit for bed-to-frame and side mounting. This truck requires 6 bed strips. Made by MAR-K in Oklahoma City, USA. Each strip is 1 1/2″ wide. Stainless steel is type 430, bright and magnetic. PLEASE NOTE: These strips include 1-1/4″ fasteners. If you need 2″ fasteners, please contact our office at 660-827-1288.