GMC/Chevy | Bed Strips with Hidden Fasteners 1960 – 1972 Fleetside



These strips use a completely hidden fastening system developed by MAR-K. Special bolts slide into the groove on the underside of the strip to adjust to any bolt location. Polished bed strips are very shiny, giving them a “chrome” look. These are also available in Unpolished Stainless and Plain steel. These strips are precut to correct length for your truck. Bed strips include the correct number of (1 ¼”) hidden fasteners for your truck. Customer may need to purchase a bolt kit for bed-to-frame and side mounting. This truck requires 7 full length bed strips and 4 shorter ones that go in front of and behind the wheel tubs. Made by MAR-K in Oklahoma City, USA. Each strip is 1 1/2″ wide. Stainless steel is type 430, bright and magnetic. PLEASE NOTE: These strips include 1-1/4″ fasteners. If you need 2″ fasteners, please contact our office at very shiny, giving them a “chrome” look. The unpolished stainless have more of a satin finish and doesn’t require painting. The plain steel bed strips are like the original and require painting to prevent rusting. Bed strips are punched with square holes according to the original pattern. Each strip is 1 1/2″ wide and 18 gage thickness. Stainless steel is type 430, bright and slightly magnetic. Made in USA.