GMC/Chevy | Cross Sills 1946



This heavy gage steel part made by MAR-K is mounted across the frame under the wood for support. Bolt holes in the cross sill determine the placement of the bed strips and wood. The bed strips, angle strips, and front bed panel are bolted to the front cross sill and the wood is bolted to the frame through the cross sill by the bed-to-frame bolts. Cross sill is sold with holes and includes brackets. There are 3 cross sills plus the rear cross Sill. The long bed has an additional Special #2 cross sill (pictured with blue background). These are available in the original steel, and Stainless Steel. Bed mounting blocks sold separately. Made in the USA.

The rear cross sill (purple picture) is located below the tailgate. It ties the back of the bed together by being bolted crosswise from one bed side to the other. The strips and wood sit on the ledge that has predrilled holes for mounting. The rear cross sill protects the edges of the wood boards. Notice the indention for clearance of the spare tire. Contains the reinforcing bracket but not the hole for original spare tire carrier. MAR-K rear cross sill comes complete with all bolt holes punched for bed strips and attaching to stake pockets. Made in the USA.